GG_Einleger_Fin_Layout 1GooseGogs is an arcade plattformer released in 2011 for PC and IOS. You’ve the control over on of four different GooseGogs, each with own skills. Bad Gogs have to be cought with the trail, which the player GooseGogs has behind itself. The player has the possibility to let his own GooseGog become angry. This lets your trail become red, so you’re able to finish the bad Gogs off. But be careful, to much anger isn’t the best for your Gog, too! There are 5 chapters, each with 9 levels and a boss level.

You’ll see an awesome graphic style and a completely innovative game design. That’s why GooseGogs was nominated for the „German Developer Award 2009″ and won the „German Computer Game Award 2010″.

For some extra information please visit the game’s homepage.




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