About Me

Hi folks! Thanks for visiting my site. I’m a 25 year old indie game developer from Mainz, Germany. I started programming  in the age of 14 and I quickly found my enthusiasm for developing games. My first major project was GooseGogs. Many people loved it and gave me the motivation to put all of my energy into making games people like to play.


But I’m not only developer, also a gamer. I like big RPGs the same as little mobile games. Most important thing is an authentic style and world which lets me forget everything around me. I learned so much about game development the last years, that now I think I’m able to build something bigger than an arcade or casual game. So be excited about my new project NeoTeric. It’s the game I always dreamed of making it real!


I’m also IT and physics student at Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz.